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Poodle Club of SA is for All Poodles and Poodle Fanciers

The Poodle Club of South Australia is for people who own a pure bred poodle and for all people interesed in this fantastic breed. Your poodle does not need to have a registered pedigree to join. The aim of the club is to bring together Poodle fanciers from around South Australia, promote our fabulous breed and share our passion for poodles. We educate the public on the advantages of having a purebred poodle. Organise family fun days, social events, Trials, Championship Shows, All Breed Shows and Nationals.

Poodle Club Walk at Elder Park June22

Three Varieties of Poodles

poodle varieties in show trim

Toys are the smallest and under 11 inches, Standards are the largest and over 15 inches and the Miniatures are between the two, over 11" and under 15"

Hair Styles

 three sizes  
Show Trim
Three varieties of poodle in pet trim  
Pet Trim
A poodle doing what it was bred to do

Labradoodles Are More Poodle Than Lab

The Australian creator of the Labradoodle was trying to find the perfect guide dog for a blind woman whose husband was allergic to dog hair. He tried about a dozen poodles before breeding a poodle with a Labrador retriever. The resulting Australian Labradoodles became incredibly popular as a mix of two well-liked breeds.

But a new study finds that the breed that developed from that popular cross isn’t an even split of both breeds – it is primarily poodle. Lots of Poodle DNA For the study, researchers analyzed genetic data from Australian Labradoodles, Labrador retrievers, poodles, and a number of other breeds. The results were published in PLOS Genetics.

They were somewhat surprised at what they found. “First, the Australian Labradoodle meets the definition of a breed at the statistical level. Those arguing for it to have breed status with various registries have a good argument,” she says. “What we didn’t expect was the degree to which today’s Australian Labradoodle has such a large component of its genome from the poodle. While the breed started as a 50-50 mix, it is clear that poodle traits are highly valued and many more poodles than Labradors have been added to the breed at strategic points.”

Analysis of Australian labradoodle genome reveals an emphasis on the 'oodle'

The designer breed is mostly poodle, with some Labrador retriever and other breeds mixed in


These results provide the first indication that the Australian Labradoodle retains more Poodle ancestry than Labrador, and both the Standard and smaller Poodle varieties contributed to the breed.